San Diego’s four "Team del Sol" synchronized skating teams (senior, teen, juvenile, adult) are based in San Diego, one of Southern California’s most popular vacation destinations.  Get more information about the sport of synchronized skating (such as rules and regulations, divisions, elements, and the new name change) HERE!  Formerly known as the Icettes (senior/junior), Sun Blazers (novice/intermediate), and Starlites (juvenile), our teams changed their name to Team del Sol in 1997 to reflect San Diego’s Spanish heritage. Team del Sol translates from Spanish to "Team of the Sun."

With an average year-round temperature of 70 degrees, ice skating is uncommon in San Diego. The availability of surfing, volleyball, golfing and other year-round sports often makes it difficult to find skaters with the ability to perform at the National and International level, however we have built a precision program that has grown and strengthened since it began in the late 1970's as a "drill team." 

We competed in the very first Nationals, which was held in Bowling Green, Ohio in 1984, and we've been going strong ever since! We have been Pacific Coast Gold Medallists since 1985.  The Juvenile team achieved the Bronze medal at the National Championships in 1986.  Since that time we went through a period of building depth.  Now, team members that were on our juvenile team have developed into masterful senior division skaters, giving the quality needed to perform at the national and international levels.  The goal has been, and continues to be, to develop a solid foundation to achieve national titles in all four divisions and to compete in the international arena.

We returned to the top 10 at the National Championships in 1998 with 6th in Senior and 5th in Intermediate division.  Because of our high performance at these nationals, we received our first international appointment.

In 1999 we received Bronze medals in the Juvenile and Intermediate divisions and a sixth place for the Senior division.  This exceptional level of achievement gave us an additional international appointment in Rouen, France.  In 2000 we received a Pewter medal in the Juvenile division, a Silver medal in the Intermediate division, and 5th place in the Senior division, to earn our 3rd international appointment, which took place in Milan, Italy.  

2001 Nationals was another dream come true, and all teams performed wonderfully in their respective divisions!  The juvenile team won the GOLD MEDAL for the first time ever, the novice team won the pewter medal (a great accomplishment, since they had moved up a division), and the senior team placed 5th, earning their 4th international appointment, which took place in Ontario, Canada. Other results include: Novice ('03 Pewter, '02 Bronze), Adult ('04 Bronze), Teen (consecutive Pacific Coast titles). This coming year our goal is for ALL of our teams to medal in their respective divisions, and for the senior team to earn another international appointment.  

Our future is to become National champions in all our competitive divisions and to compete at future Olympic competitions in the newest Olympic Sport: Synchronized Skating.