2000 United SKATES
Lakewood, CA
March 19, 2000


1. Ice Intrigue, CAN(2,1)
2. United Skates, All Year FSC (1,2)
3. Team Solano, Vaca Valley FSC (3,3)


1. Les Riveraines Elite Rive-Sud, CAN
2. Ice-O-Metrics, Southeast Community SC CAN
3. Silver Stars, St. Moritz ISC

Junior Classic

1. Elnora Ice Spectations, CAN
2. North Battleford Ice Stars, CAN
3. Ice-O-Metrics, CAN
4. Giggles, Glacial Garden Skating Arena,

Teen Introductory

1. Icicles, Stockton FSC
2. Tremors, SC of San Francisco
3. Team Syncronicity, Peninsula SC
4. Ontario Hot Blades Syncro, Arrowhead FSC

Youth Introductory

1. Ice-O-Metrics, CAN
2. tie - Ice Crystals, Palos Verdes Ice Chalet
2. tie - Silver Stars, St. Moritz ISC
4. Tremors, SC of San Francisco


1. Junior Giggles, Glacial Garden Skating Arena


1. L.A. Express, All Year FSC


1. Desert Ice Dazzlers, Palm Desert FSC