The Teams

There are four teams that are part of the Team del Sol organization.  The Elite Senior team is for skaters ages 14 and over, the Teen Introductory team is for skaters ages 9 through 14, the Intermediate team is for skaters ages 9 through 12, and the Adult team is for skaters aged 21 and over.

The Novice and Intermediate teams are currently on hiatus.

The On-Ice Program

Regular weekly on-ice sessions composed of skills development and competitive program development. Regular weekly on-ice practices are scheduled for each team throughout the week. In addition to the regularly scheduled ice time there are additional on-ice practices scheduled throughout the year.

The Off-Ice Program

Team del Sol's off ice program includes a combination of ballet, plyometrics, dance, stretching, strength training and sports psychology.

Freestyle skating and Moves in the Field

All team skaters are required to get additional skating time, where practice of dance, freestyle, and moves in the field strengthen and add speed, grace and overall skating skill to the individual skater.


Our teams compete in regional and national USFSA Synchronized Skating Championships, usually held in January and March each year. Additionally, we compete in local ISI competitions. Several of our teams have earned multiple national medals, and our Senior Team has qualified several times as a USFSA International envelope team, being assigned to an international competition each year to represent the United States. Many fundraising opportunities are available for all team members. Some families are able fundraise most of their travel expenses!

Team Auditions

Auditions are held at the beginning of each season, usually in April. If interested in this exciting program, please see our Audition Page.