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Juvenile 2007-08 Nationals

Intermediate 2007-08 Nationals


Try out for Team del Sol!
If you have any questions or require more information, you may fill out the Request Audition Information Form, or contact the Coordinator of Team del Sol.  It is also suggested that you read Team del Sol's Official Team Agreement before trying out for the teams.  The following test levels are recommended for each team:



 Information & Schedule of Events


-Try Out Date: April 17, 2010
-Ages 13 and Older as of 7/1/10: Arrive 5:15 am
-Ages 9-12 as of 7/1/10: Arrive 6:30 am

Try Out Moves

Juvenile Team

Preliminary Forward Power 3-Turns
Pre-Juvenile Backward Power Crossovers
Pre-Juvi Fwd & Bkwd Power Change of Edge Pulls
Juvenile Fwd & Bkwd Cross Strokes

Practice Below (2 may be used at Tryouts)

Forward Lunge - Both Feet
Backward Lunge - Both Feet
Shoot The Duck - Both Feet

Outside Spread Eagle - Both Feet
Outside Bauer - Both Feet

Sit Spin
Camel Spin

Jump Combination - Flip, Loop
Split Jump

Intermediate Team

Juvenile Forward Double 3 Turns
Intermediate Back Double 3 Turns
New Proposed Novice Level Bracket/Twizzle Step
Forward and Backward Outside Counters
Junior Power Pulls

Practice Below (2/3 may be used at Tryouts)

Outside Spread Eagle - Both Feet (Bonus Points!)
Outside Bauer - Both Feet (Bonus Points!)
Sit Spin
Camel Spin
Combo Spin - Camel, Sit, Back Sit (Bonus Points!)
Flying Camel Spin - (Bonus Points!)
Axel Jump
Split Jump

If unable to attend, please email Audition Form to mwskating@yahoo.com

Please contact: karenandedw@cox.net with questions.

Novice (click to enlarge) Juvies (click to enlarge)

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