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Audition Intent Form
If you’re interested in trying out for one of the three Team del Sol teams, the following information is available online. If you have any questions or require more information, you may either fill out the following form, or contact Jim Stark, the Coordinator of Team del Sol.  It is also suggested that you read Team del Sol's Official Team Agreement before trying out for the teams.  The following test levels are recommended for each team:

Senior:  Senior Moves and Pre-Gold Dance
Novice: Novice Moves and Pre-Silver Dance
Juvenile: Juvenile Moves and Pre-Bronze Dance

Many other factors are considering when making team selections, such as synchronized skating experience.  You should audition for the teams even if you don't meet the test requirements. You might make it!

Audition Information Page

Important: This is a request for information ONLY! If you know you will be trying out,
and do not require any more information, you must download this form instead.

Request for Audition Information
*starred areas are required

 Personal Information:
  • Full Name*:  Nickname:
  • Parent(s) Name(s):
  • Street Address: 
    APT#:   City:     State:
  • Phone*: Fax: Cell:
  • Email Address:
  • Date of Birth*: USFSA #:
  • What Team would you like to audition for?*

Experience & Test Record:
  • What Team do you currently skate for (if none, please indicate)?*
       I was an alternate*
  • What is your highest Moves in the Field test passed?
  • What is your highest full Dance Test passed?
  • USFSA Freestyle?  ISI Freestyle Level?
  • Are you currently single skating? yes   no 
    In which disciplines?:

  School & Work Status for 2007-08:

  • School I will be attending:
  • School Location (name & city):
  • What is your primary area of study (if in college)?
  • I am working:    Part time     Full time     I'm not working
  • Job Location (name & city):

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